1. I see the business hours written on Google are 11 am-3 pm, so DO YOU OPEN? 

We DON'T open our premise to the public, Only accept online or phone order now. If you don't make the order in advance, for the public health, please don't come. We won't let you go into the store.

2. Is it safe to pick up in your store?

Consumer safety is always our top priority. We will use a non-contact way to deliver your goods, even to pick up. To be specific, first of all, you pick up the goods in the open space outside the store. We marked out the waiting area with obstacles and put an intercom and hand sanitiser in Postion1 as the pic below. Secondly, you tell us your pick-up information behind Position 1, and we will leave them to Position 2 and go. Then, you can go to pick them up at Position 2. You will keep a distance of at least 2 meters away from our staff in the whole process.

3. Is your delivery service contactless?

Yes. We will only place your fruit and veggies box at your door, and then send a message to remind you to pick it up.

4. How to avoid hygiene issues in packaging?

Based on the general health guidelines, our staff will wear masks and gloves all the time and use hand sanitiser to wash hands from time to time.



2.1. Why do I choose a product, but when I check out it shows NOT available?

We have a stock limit for each item. If you purchase more than our inventory, it will not be allowed to check out. The solution is to reduce the quantity of the wrong products.

2.2 Why can't I change the item quantity in the shopping cart?

After you modify the quantity of goods, you need to click the "update cart" below.

2.3. Can I pre-purchase?

Yes, we have no time limit for your order. You can choose any day to pick up/delivery.

2.4. How long do I need to order online in advance if I want to pick up?

There is no specific time limit, you can even place an order before you drive over. However, if you need loads of products, we strongly recommend you place the order at least one hour in advance.

2.5. My pick-up time is 11.45 am, can I get it earlier or later?

Yes. Although we don't recommend you do like that, you can actually pick up the goods between 11:00 and 3:00 anytime. Notice: If you want to change the pick-up date, you have to contact us in advance.

2.6. What should I do if I have placed an order but want to buy more?

Easy, you just need to place a new order before you come. We will automatically merge all your orders into one package. Notice: It is not allowed to ask for additional buying when you pick up goods at the store.

2.7. When do you update your inventory?

There is no fixed time, but we will release it on FB regularly.


3.1 Is my address in the range of delivery area?

You can check our delivery scope through the following website:


Or you can directly place an order. When you pay, the system will automatically check whether your address is eligible.

3.2 Can I choose the delivery time? When do you deliver?

Sorry, you can only select the delivery date, but not the delivery time. Normally, we deliver the order of the day from 3 pm, so you can get it between 3 pm and 6 pm.

3.3 If I want to get it on the same day, what time should I place the order at the latest?

Before 11.59 am. 

3.4 What if your order doesn't be delivered on time, missing items or you are not satisfied with the quality of the product?

At present, no such thing has happened, but if you encounter our working mistake, please contact us by email as soon as possible. kimberleygardens.biz@gmail.com

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